The differences between Ancelotti and Zidane for James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez has seemed like a different player in the Premier League so far.

The Colombian, full of confidence, is demonstrating his ability for Carlo Ancelotti’s Everton in a way which he could never do for Zinedine Zidane at Real Madrid.

The relationship – or lack of one – between James and Zidane at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu was well documented.

Now, under former Real Madrid and Bayern Munich boss Ancelotti, the midfielder is thriving again.

We’ve compared the two coaches and their treatment of James.

1. Belief

The bottom line is that Ancelotti believes in James, whereas Zidane did not.

The evidence, both tactically and personally, is there for all to see.

2. Position

Zidane often used James as a winger at Real Madrid, isolating the Colombian from the action more often than not.

With Ancelotti, he plays in a freer role, without many defensive obligations and a licence to have a major attacking influence on the game.

3. Support

Ancelotti has always shown his support for James, both on and off the pitch.

This wasn’t the case with Zidane, who barely picked the Colombian international to play and rarely lavished him with praise.

4. Lows

During his first spell at Real Madrid, James would often play in LaLiga Santander but not the Champions League.

This was difficult to understand for the player but missing out on the squad for the 2017 Champions League final with Juventus was especially tough to take.

5. Desire

This is the third time Ancelotti has signed James in his career, having done so at Real Madrid, Bayern and Everton.

Last summer, the Italian wanted to bring the midfielder to Napoli, too.

On the other hand, Zidane never wanted to keep James at Real Madrid.

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