Jurgen Klopp calls out Roy Keane in live TV interview after pundit’s Liverpool comment

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp hit back at Roy Keane on live TV after the Manchester United legend said the Reds were “sloppy” at times in the win over Arsenal. Klopp spoke directly to the Sky Sports studio after the 3-1 win over Mikel Arteta’s side at Anfield. The German had heard Keane’s comment about his side’s performance and had to question the former Republic of Ireland midfielder.

Klopp said: “Did I hear right that Mr Keane said we had a sloppy performance tonight? I could hear you already, did he say that?”

Sky presenter David Jones responded: “I think he said there were some aspects that were, Roy, would you like to say.”

To which Keane said: “I think they gave up one or two opportunities that they’d be disappointed with.”

But Klopp defended his team to the hilt and said it was the complete performance.

Klopp added: “This was a sloppy performance tonight? Because I’m not sure if I heard it right, maybe he was talking about another game. It cannot be this game. Sorry.

“That’s an incredible description of this game. It was absolutely exceptional, nothing was sloppy, absolutely nothing.

“It was from the first second dominant against a team in form, 100 per cent in form, and you have to be careful like hell of the counter-attacks.

“The football we played was absolutely exceptional tonight. For this game tonight, there’s nothing bad to say.”

Keane responded to Klopp, saying his comment was taken out of context.

“I said there were sloppy moments but I think you’ve been outstanding,” Keane said.

“I’ve been giving the club nothing but praise. So I’m not sure you’ve heard me correctly there. You need to watch the rest of it.”

To which Klopp said: “I will watch it 100 per cent.”

After the interview, Keane said: “Very sensitive isn’t he, Jesus. Imagine if he had lost.”

Meanwhile, Diogo Jota scored his first Liverpool goal following his £41million arrival from Wolves.

And the Portuguese forward was delighted to get off the mark for his new team.

Jota told Sky Sports: “It is an amazing feeling, I just wish it could be with a full stadium but I am happy to seal the win for the team and get the result.

“In football sometimes you score, sometimes you miss and you have to believe you are going to score and fortunately I did.

“[The manager] told me to keep pressing like we were doing and be happy with the ball and do what I used to do. Play good football and press without the ball.

“I will do my job in training every day, hard work and do my best on match day.

“The first one is always the hardest one, to keep on going is the most important thing. I have one, I want more.

“We are pretty much in the beginning, three games in and we want to keep going and get three points in the next game.”

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